my day

Hi all, I'm coming out of blog-land obscurity because a day like yesterday had to be documented.

Feel free to laugh.  I did.

You'll understand the picture later...

Here's my adventurous day for your amusement:

After our usual school-day proceedings on Thursdays, we scurry into town for MK's speech therapy. We got away later than I meant to (no shock there) and went to Wendy's where, upon attempting to pay, the cashier who had at first failed to notice me because he was chatting with his buddy from across the restaurant swiped my card, looked at it, and asked if I had another card. This, of course, struck panic in my heart until he informed me that my card had just expired. Which I knew, but never activated my new one as I had intended to through the entire month of October. Fortunately, I had cash, so no further angst there. By the time we sat down to eat, we had... oh... 10 minutes to scarf down our food and sprint out the door so as not to be (terribly) late.

David came to pick the man-child up from speech therapy as he usually does and asked me if I had put gas in the Jeep yet because I wouldn't make it home if I didn't. No problem. I'll do it when we finish ST before I go to the bank. Or, oh wait, I'll go to the bank first to activate my new card. Right. So, I send David and man-child on their way and go to dig out my new bank card. Which was in my other purse. At home. Because of course it was.

So David told me to meet him after and I could take his card, which I did. No problem. I should mention here that I'm not accustomed to driving the Jeep and even if I was, I pay zero attention to gas levels or which side the gas latch is on or anything other than whether or not the vehicle is moving when I press the accelerator and stopping when I press the brake. I'm responsible like that. So I took a chance and pulled up to the gas pump and was actually correct! Go, me! Except I pulled up too far and the pump barely reached. And even though it did reach, I couldn't see the display because of glare or something, so I had to cross the hose and nearly fell because my flip flop got tangled up. Because it's November 5 and I'm wearing flip flops because it's nearly 80 degrees. So there's all that.

Also, it was particularly fume-y, I noticed, and I watched a man walking from the gas pumps to the store flick his still-smoking cigarette behind him, toward me, at the precisely same moment some turd head in a brand new Mustang pulled in the parking lot and revved for his buddy on the sidewalk. It was enormously loud and I was sure that I had just blown up. It scared the living day lights out of me. So I shakily finished pumping my gas and left the premises.

I make a couple more stops, finish up my shopping, get in the Jeep, and guess what. It won't start. So I call David and tell him the Jeep won't start and he responds with the ever popular, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT WON’T START???” But then he calmly explained that if I put it in neutral it should start just fine. And it did. Because of course it did.

The rest of my night went off without any further drama until around midnight when I was laying here watching something on YouTube and the electricity went off. And that's why I am now, at nearly 2 AM, laying in a slightly stuffy, candlelit bedroom with the window open listening to my beagle howl at the WRECC linemen who are in my backyard whilst typing all of this on my phone. Which is at approximately 6% battery life. Because apparently I can't sleep in a house this dark and quiet.

And the moral of this story is probably something to do with all the times in the last 8 years that I've wished for quiet time and how I'm apparently getting all of it RIGHT NOW.

And also I'm a spoiled brat.

The end.

(PS What a service those linemen guys provide, by the way! Thankful for them… not just when it's MY backyard they're working in.)

*The lights came on pretty much immediately when I finished typing all of this, so I went to bed.  And about the time I got comfortable, I received a text message which was sent two days ago but waited until two days later at 2 AM to actually come through.

Because of course it did.

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