shirred waist pajama pants

This weekend I got the urge to sew.

I made a trip to Hobby Lobby last week and picked up a stack of stuff, including "bandanna" type squares to make the kids some pajamas/knock-around pants, two different kinds of fabric to make the kids pillows/pillowcases, two t-shirts, and Spiderman fabric for the Kiddo's "4" shirt.

So, naturally, when I got the urge to sew, I pulled out some old bedsheets in which the elastic was shot and cut out 5 pillowcases.

Then, having those cut out, I laid them aside, pulled out another old sheet I found at a thrift store and made myself some pajama pants.

Makes perfect sense, right?

I used a beloved pair of flannel pajama pants as my pattern. Oh, and just to set the record straight... unless it is absolutely necessary, I don't draw patterns. The idea of taping together tissue paper gives me hives. I just pinned my already-made pj pants right onto the sheet, measured a seam allowance all around, and cut it out. Worked like a charm.

If you like to get hives, go ahead and draw up a pattern. Make sure you have Benadryl in the house first.

The sheet I used to make these happened to be a fitted sheet (of course), so I had to hem them (and cut all the elastic off of it... ugh).

When it came time to finish the waistline, I was conflicted. A traditional casing with elastic bugs me sometimes (especially in pj pants), because - let's be honest here, folks - all it takes is a little bit of water weight and it's too constricting. And the last thing I want is my lounging pants reminding me of my recent salt intake.

A drawstring alone sounded possibly too binding, too, and the idea of having to readjust numerous times sounded exhausting.

So, I settled on shirring the waist, which has worked out nicely. It's just snug enough that they don't slip down, but they have yet to even approac that binding/constricting/water weight accusation type feeling.

I took pictures to do a tutorial on these, but that sounds a little labor intensive for today. Perhaps later.

If you're looking to make yourself some comfy pajama pants, there's a nice tutorial here.

If you're looking to shirr something, there's nice tutorial here (which includes how to make a cute little hairbow out of shirred fabric).

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  1. Oh I love this fabric! I never have luck finding sheets/pillowcases at the thrift store! It's shame because I'm involved with the "Little Dresses for Africa" organization and it'd be a lot easier if I could find pillowcases. You have inspired me to make a trip this week. Thanks!

  2. Lovely..the prints are very beautiful!

  3. I love everything about this! The pants, print, and photograph! :)

  4. @Pati @ A Crafty EscapeHi Pati... have you looked at vintage linens on Etsy? I've seen a few cute sheets on there for not terribly expensive. Happy hunting!

  5. @ToriGlad you like it! If you have an iPhone, check out Instagram. That's what I used to edit the picture.

  6. Funny, nearly every person I tell about taking old bed sheets and turning them into clothes makes a face like "NO WAY!", but yet on the internet I find my bedsheet brethren. The people who know their way around a sewing machine, love to make something out of nothing, and understand that yards of new fabric(as beautiful as it may be) can get expensive so when you use your imagination almost any sheet can be turned into something awesome! Love your directions- hives are a b****!


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